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Building a FPS with GameGuru tutorial – Demon Hunter


Tutorial for GameGuru Beginners covering all the basic subjects you need to know to start building FPS. Will do another one with more information at another date. Demon Hunter is a FPS with RPG elements I am building, you play a demon hunter who explores a town and it’s surrounding area looking for demons. This is an early prototype build, but I figured I would describe process as the game dev evolves as well as explaining how to use GameGuru to the max of it’s potential.


0:00 intro

1:20 Movement with W A S D / Mouse controls / LUA intro and views

2:07 core concepts / views and GUI

3:47 Testing map – first test of map

4:35 combat balance – thoughts for future

6:00 terrain and landscape building

9:19 WASP!!!

13:00 entity editing – rotation and adding entities – building / enemies

14:40 – asset library and adding entities adding buildings and zombies

25:00 Tab editor in test mode to adjust lighting and terrain textures etc

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